I stumbled into Design when I’m young. With 15 years old I wanted customize a football game and, because of that I’ve learning how to use Adobe Photoshop. I created a blog too with the intention to share my sprites on the internet, and this time I started to learn CSS and HTML.

With 18 years old I got my first job in a small advertising agency where I learned a lot about the fundamentals of a good design and front-end development. In my second professional experience I had the oppotunitie to work with some good professionals and learned a lot about how work in group. At the same time, I've had studied the basic of Motion Design, UX/UI and become more confident in my skills. Because of that, I started to work in some freelancer jobs on the internet. In a few months, I could already pay my monthly bills only with the freelancers jobs.

In 2018 to 2019 I had a huge desire in still learning about Design (especially in UX/UI field) and I decided to take a hard decision. Move to another country (Portugal) in order to achieve my College degree in Design. And now, I'm on in this new journey and I hope that I become a good professional in the future.